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Beverages Menu

Green Tea

  1. Japanese Genmai Cha 6

    The classic Japanese green tea enhanced with toasted rice and popped corn producing a light, earthy, and nutty aroma.

  2. Spring Hao Ya Jasmine 6

    Scented by the Jasmine blossom, tea leaves are dried, rolled and fired with the petals of the Jasmine giving the finished mixture a floral aroma. With most of the leaves removed, you enjoy a light green tea with a jasmine fresh fragrance and no bitterness.

  3. Osmanthus Green 6

    Long tea leaves naturally scented by the delicate sweetness of the Osmanthus blossom offering a brew with a savory and herbal aroma.

Oolong Tea

  1. Floral Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess) 6

    Best of the Oolongs. Produced only from one county in China (An Xi), this amber mixture offers a full-bodied tea with a complex lingering taste and a wonderfully aromatic bouquet.

  2. Min-Nan Oolong 6

    A premium quality tea, new to the Oolong family with a pure bouquet and a classic full bodied Oolong flavor.

  3. Orchid Oolong 6

    Orchid seeds dried, rolled, slightly fermented, and fired with the tea leaves infuses a slight sweetness into this medium bodied golden-colored tea.

Black Tea

  1. Lichee Congou Black 6

    Scented lightly by the liquid of Lichee fruit, this brown-red tea offers the classical strong character of black tea with an elusive sweetness.

  2. Rose Congou Black 6

    Large rose petals scent this delicately aromatic, fragrant and pungent tea.